Drain Unblocking Prices

Drain Unblocking pricesAt drain unblocking Dublin our drain unblocking prices won't be beaten. We regularly check our competitors and we know we have the best prices within the industry. With over 40 years experience in professionally unblocking drains you can't go wrong.

Drain unblocking prices.

At drain unblocking Dublin we never charge for call outs, we only charge for the time we unblocking drains or clearing blockages from waste pipes, toilets, sinks, baths or any blockage you need help with.

The vast majority of domestic blocked drains can be cleared within the first half an hour and all of our engineers endevour to do so. However, additional time and charge may be required. Our staff will keep you well informed throughout the whole process.

Monday to Friday 8am -6pm.

  • For the first half an hour or part of we charge €59 + V.A.T. €59+€7.97=€66.97.
  • Every subsequent half an hour or part of we charge €59 + V.A.T. €59+€7.97=€66.97.

Monday to Friday 6pm -8am.

  • For the first Hour or part of €118 + V.A.T. €118 + €15.93 = €133.93
  • Every subsequent half hour €59 + V.A.T. €59+€7.97=€66.97

All day Saturday, Sunday and bank holidays.

  • For the first Hour or part of €118 + V.A.T. €118 + €15.93 = €133.93
  • Every subsequent half hour €59 + V.A.T. €59+€7.97=€66.97

In cases of extremely badly blocked pipes, toilets or drains a qualified plumber may be required to assist the drainage team. We can provide this service but it will mean an additional charge. Your drainage engineer will quote a price and once approved we will proceed immediately.

If you compare our drain unblocking prices we don't think you can find any cheaper. We can never guarantee how long it will take to clear a blocked drain but in most instances we can sort the problem in the first half an hour.

About our team.

Drain Unblocking PricesYou will be happy to know that we have a number of fully qualified, R.G.I. registered plumbers within our ranks. This gives us a distinct advantage over some companies that unblock drains in Dublin. With the more complicated issues that we deal with, this experience is invaluable. Some senior members of our team have been involved in plumbing and clearing blockages throughout the county for over 30 years now. As you would expect from a large, well established company we are comprehensively covered by both public and professional indemnity insurance. We have a full selection of professional equipment including C.C.T.V. cameras for inspection, plumbers snakes, drain rods and a mobile jet flushing unit. If you need urgent assistance just call the experts at Drain Unblocking Dublin today on 01-6874851.


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