Plumbers Snake

Another favorite in our tool set at Drain Unblocking Dublin is a plumbers snake it is also otherwise known as an electric eel or toilet jack. As the names suggest It is a long thin auger and is a favorite that we use for for a variety of different pipes, it also has a type that is ideal for unblocking toilets. There are different types of plumber snakes including manual and automatic though they all work on the same principle.

The principles and types of plumbers snake.

Plumbers SnakeThe plumbers snake has coiled metal shaft with a wider gap between the coils at the end. The smaller ones operated by hand are good for clearing drain blockages in baths and sinks, As the operator turns the crank it rotates and will shred through minor blockages such as hair. These types are only suitable for thin pipes up to 2 inches in diameter, if used on wider pipes such as toilets they can become tangled. For toilets their is a special type of hand operated toilet plumbers snake. This type has quite a short stem making it easier to feed in to the toilet. There is a plastic tip covering the end which protects the porcelain of the toilet. As most blocked toilets have blockages in the trap this will cut through and unblock the majority of problems. The large industrial plumbers snakes are for the use by experts only. They are built to travel long distances through many different sized pipes and in the wrong hands can cause a great deal of Plumbers Snakedamage to plastic and even copper pipework. They are extremely powerful and can slice through tree roots easily.

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